"If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

"Change your Thinking.  Change your Life!"


We will order you a specific test based on YOU. The test gets delivered and you take the test at home or with the lab. The results come in, you share your results and we create THE PLAN!


In our first coaching call, we will pick out the best food plan for you and your family.


We have daily workouts designed for maximum results in just 40 minutes per day. We have daily Mind practice, Stress Reduction and Sleep Talk.


We create the right supplement package for you based off of your biomarker tests and the 8 week plan that we create together.



​As an athlete all her life, Laura’s early curiosity and passion for Fitness, Nutrition and Well-Being lead her on a natural path and discovery to acquire a deep wealth of knowledge, wisdom, and practice. Her commitment is to help shift people’s lives by redefining daily Fitness, Nutrition and Mindset with simple, streamlined and sustainable systems to make tangible and positive impact in busy lives.

A meaningful journey always starts with something deeply personal and in 2011, Laura couldn’t understand what was causing her unexplainable weight gain, chronic exhaustion, brain fog and inflammation which was affecting all aspects of her daily life.

Many tests, research and thousands of dollars later, she discovered it was adrenal fatigue, a commonly diagnosed condition without a clear and simple resolution for most people to implement. As a bonus, she further learned that her genetics predisposes her to obesity and high cholesterol! Realizing the irony of this and unwilling to resign to default obesity when her innate passion was for fitness, Laura began her quest to cure herself and others to beat the odds. She earned her Masters Degree in Functional Medicine & Human Nutrition from the University of Western States. A pivotal point of her journey was realizing that our BEHAVIOR drives EVERYTHING… She worked with the esteemed BJ Fogg from Stanford on the Mindset of Behavior Change.

Having gained much practical knowledge in the field by working with many prominent brands and individuals in the Fitness and Nutrition sector as a fitness and nutrition consultant for over a decade, Laura launched Ma8trix as a simple, dynamic, platform in which people could gather, become informed, inspired and have the systems to easily implement what actually works for and WITH them, empowered by Behavioral shifts and Biomarker testing for a sustained and fulfilling life.

Laura’s passion has become fully realized in helping others to heal themselves and beat their odds through education, mindset and implementation. The “Ma8trix 8-week Program” was designed to be a complete Lifestyle Shift with ease, support and fun to live and feel the best version of ourselves.


~ Master's Degree in Functional Medicine and Human Nutrition
~ Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
~ BJ Fogg Behavior Modification Program
~ Institute of Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach
~ PTA Global Trainer Certification
~ Precision Nutrition Certification Level I and II Certification
~ Kettle Bell Certified
~ TRX Certified